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Thread: need advice on positioning and frequency

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    Question need advice on positioning and frequency

    Hi there,
    I am having some struggles with my 9 week old. He was born early (35 weeks) but we have since established a great breastfeeding relationship and only use bottles of EBM if I am away for some reason. However, recently, I developed severe sciatic nerve pain. The nursing has become quite uncomfortable when I am sitting or laying down. Does anyone have any alternate positions to suggest?
    Also, he is nursing every 2-3 hours around the clock still. I know this is normal, but I go back to work in a few weeks and don't know how I am going to do it. We don't cosleep, but he is in a pack-n-play next to my bed. I am in pain and exhausted and really stressed about how I am going to make this all work with going back to work. . . When can I expect him to sleep longer stretches in between feedings??? Will it take longer to get there b/c he was premature?

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    I don't know much about sciatic pain, but when you are sitting down, do you prop your feet up? If you haven't been, maybe starting that can help.

    There is something called "laid-back nursing" (I'm pakking, or I would search a link for you) where you lay semi-reclined and let the baby latch on himself. Does it only hurt in side-lying position? Do you think if you were reclined w/ your baby on top of you that it would be less painful?

    The only other thing I can think of is nurse standing up in a carrier.

    About the work thing - I totally get it, having now gone back to work w/ two kids to a full-time job w/ long hours. The advice I have for you is this: worry about tomorrow's problems tomorrow. Don't let fears about how difficult things are going to get affect what you do with your baby now. I will tell you that every day that goes by, your baby will get a little older, a little more efficient at nursing, and things will improve. The longer you can stay on maternity leave the better. When you first go back, your day will be spent pumping, your evenings preparing/washing bottles, and your nights nursing. It gets better. You are giving your baby an awesomegift!!!
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    Default Re: need advice on positioning and frequ

    Semi-reclined positions might be best. Maybe lying in the bath? I would think the warm water might help soothe your sciatica, and the water would buoy you up and maybe take pressure off the nerve...

    As to feeding frequency, gosh, who knows? Some babies quickly start sleeping through the night, others won't give you a 5 hour stretch until they are a year or more. Have you tried feeding more often during the daylight hours? Sometimes tanking a baby up during the day will buy you a longer stretch at night. If that doesn't work, I suggest reading Elizabeth Pantley's book "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" for a basic primer on infant sleep and some gentle strategies for encouraging longer, more independent stretches of sleep. I wouldn't expect much right now- your baby is still so young. Since he was premature, it is going to take him longer to reach milestones than his chronological age would suggest.
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    I think you've received good advice so far, but I wanted to share my own experience of nursing standing up. My second child had some real sucking problems, and he really couldn't breastfeed (or feed efficiently in any other way) for the first couple months of his life. When he did start learning to nurse, he had periods of refusing to latch on, and I found that by bouncing him in a ring sling, I could calm him enough to get him to latch on. (I found other carriers hurt my back, but I haven't tried that many, of course). The ring sling positioned my baby well for my anatomy, and I could walk around (even outside) while nursing him. If standing and walking helps your nerve pain, you might give that a try.

    Have you considered seeing a chiropractor for your pain?
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    Default Re: need advice on positioning and frequ

    Thanks for the replies! I'm not really comfortable standing or laying semi reclined either... I guess every position hurts. but i am seeing a chiropractor and getting some relief so that's good news. And.....the past two nights he has had a five hour stretch! I guess posting was good luck! Thanks ladies!

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