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    Hi, dear, I have same problem. My baby just 6 weeks old. In last two days, he also had cried non stop at the breast after a few minutes (about 4-5) and will not go back on the breast. I had to do a lot of thing to clam him down - like, holding him walk around, burping, swaddling. Eventually, he did back on the breast again. But the whole feeding for one side breast took about an hour. I had same situation - during the weekend, a lot of friends were visiting, baby hasn't slept too much. Is that a problem? or something wrong with my breast or the feeding position? Please help.

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    Moved from the "Is it me or baby?" thread. I don't want it to get overlooked!

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    If baby is still producing adequate wet and poopy diapers, and you are not in pain when nursing, then your supply is fine and the long feedings are normal. There's often a big growth spurt at around 6 weeks, so that could account for some of what you are seeing. However, if the baby's diaper output is low- particularly urine output, since at 6 weeks poop output may have slowed down a lot, to as little as 1 x per week- then it's time to troubleshoot and probably to see the doc. A baby who refuses th breast is sometimes a hurting baby, so you'd want to get your LO's ears checked for infection.

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