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    Hi - I am trying to figure out how I can increase my milk supply. My twins are now 7 weeks old, and I am not producing enough for them. Due to issues at birth, one was in NICU with a regulated quantity of milk provided (expressed milk + formula). The second one was with me but had latching issues, so, I gave her expressed milk + formula as well.

    Now, I pump and give them as much breast milk as possible, but, I have to add on at least 50% of the qty with formula...does anyone know what I can do to increase supply? I am back at work, and with twins, I just about manage to get in 8 pumpings in a day (i take a 6 -8 hour break at night as I cant manage to take care of them both and pump while I am by myself).

    I have heard Fenugreek helps? Is that true? Any other suggestions?

    I will try anything...THANK YOU

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    Have you considered trying to get them back to the breast? That will increase your supply better than anything else you can do.

    Some women do see increases with fenugreek. Also with eating oatmeal. Did you see the Increasing Your Milk area?

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