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Thread: thrush?

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    Default thrush?

    Lately my nipples have been burning like they are on fire. I cringe everytime Jack needs to eat. It hurts even when he's not eating, but it's especially bad when he's nursing. The right nipple looks like it is enflamed because it's so red. I had a rashy thing on both breasts for a few days that was super itchy. It seems to have gone away for the most part, but the nipple pain is relentless. I also feel sick. I woke up from a nap earlier and have felt like I am going to vomit ever since. I feel fatigued and my body aches. But I've got no signs of fever.

    Jack doesn't appear to have any signs in his mouth, but I know that may not mean anything. He's also teething, so I'm not really looking too hard because he likes to clamp on. He was treated a couple of weeks ago for a yeast diaper rash, but that's the only real issue we've had.

    Any ideas?
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    Default Re: thrush?

    i have never thrush so i dont know but the sickness you describe sounds like mastisis. as far as i know the two can be linked... thrush can lead to plugged ducts then mastisis. also, if he recently had a yeast infection that would be a sign that maybe it is thrush

    i would say go to the dr.

    for tonight though, try to massage the breasts, see if you have any plugged ducts you can feel and try to work them out while nursing jack. also applying warmth while you massage will help.

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    Default Re: thrush?

    Oh, oh. Yes, the nipple pain sounds like thrush (presuming that it didn't used to hurt) -- and if you recently had a yeast diaper rash that is almost certainly it. I can't say I've ever felt ill from our yeast infections, though I did have a vag yeast infection along with a case of thrush once, and I know that some people find those make them feel bad. I do agree with the PP that your other systemic symptoms sound like mastitis -- keep an eye out for a fever. I have heard that some doctors question whether thrush symptoms are actually yeast or another sort of staph infection, so perhaps that would have other symptoms (I've never had the privilege of anything but thrush, thrush, and more thrush -- just finished case no. 6). After trying every treatment, we have found Diflucan the only thing that makes a difference for us, but you'll have to get your doctor on board with the diagnosis for that. Unfortunately many doctors don't acknowledge thrush unless the child is demonstrating oral symptoms. One doctor told me that my breast pains were normal! So be prepared to be assertive -- you might even print out the description on Kelly Mom and take it with you to your appt. Meanwhile, you might get started by applying Lotrimin to your nipples in between feedings.

    My advice is to follow preventitive measures to a T, and continue to do so for a month or so after your symptoms are gone -- washing bras after each use, not reusing towels on your or baby, washing on high heat to kill the yeast, washing your hands incessantly (esp after diaper changes!!! and baby's hands, too, if s/he's touching the diaper or diaper area), sterilizing pump, bottles, pacifiers, etc. Don't serve milk pumped during thrush at a later date -- it will recontaminate you, trust me. My LC advised me to avoid bar soap, and that might be helping us actually. Also, I guess a weak vinegar rinse can kill yeast on anything, which is good for toys, washing bras, etc.

    Do others have helpful advice? Because I'm always looking to further de-yeastify our lives!

    Hope you feel better soon!

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