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Thread: Yeast breads

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    When do you guys start yeast breads?

    My dad gave my 7 m/o a roll to chew on the other day, and I felt it was the lesser of several other evils he had tried to give her: chicken bone from a hot wing, french fry, potato salad. She just kind of nommed on it, beating it into a slobbery, mushy submission.
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    I'd say around 7 mo? . Then again, I haven't paid attention at all to when I gave things. My dad gives Connor pieces of hot dog roll sometimes. He likes it alot.

    And to the chicken wings. Connor actually did have a little bit of chicken wing I pulled off the bone for him. True Buffalonian

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    I wouldn't sweat giving bread (preferably bread without honey) as early as the baby expressed interest in solids, myself.

    Joe loved to gnaw on chicken bones when he was about a year old. I tried to give him sturdy ones - too thick to break, too big to swallow. And then I watched him. But he loved it. Hot spicy wing sauce? Not so much.

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    I started offering bread pretty close to when DD started solids, maybe 6.5 months. The only issue you really would need to consider id whether there is the possibility of a wheat allergy or gluten intolerance. In my case, DH and I are not allergic people in general, so I just went ahead with it.

    I also like to get multi-grain or oat-bran breads to vary the types of grains that DD (and myself) get in our diet.

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