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Thread: 3 month old won't stop chewing.

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    Default 3 month old won't stop chewing.

    My 3 month old is chewing on everything. He won't keep his fingers out of his mouth long enough to eat. When he does he chews on my nipples instead of sucking. He is producing few dirty/wet diapers. Is he teething? What can i do to get him eatting?

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    Default Re: 3 month old won't stop chewing.

    Could be teething. Some babies start pretty early. And the teeth start moving around long, long before they ever make an appearance.

    I have not had to resort to it, but some moms swaddle their babies' arms now. I used to trap the lower one underneath and hold the upper to play with it and get baby to nurse.

    You could also think about trying to nurse when baby is half-asleep and might stay latched on longer.
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    Default Re: 3 month old won't stop chewing.

    Could TOTALLY be teething. My daughter had 2 teeth at 3 months and a week. The next 2 came in a week later...

    My 3 month old son is doing this to me sometimes too - and the drool is crazy! I just continue to move his hand and remind myself that if he's really hungry, he'll eat. I offer, and if he takes it, he eats. If not, we try again later.
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