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Thread: Still nursing at 30 months

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    My son will be 3 next week, and I remember being in your shoes. He still nurses usually once or twice a day and if we are home he like to nurse before naps. I also get frustrated when I am folding laundry or trying to work on the computer and he takes that as mommy is free I can eat. However there are times like the other day I worked and when I picked him up I could tell he was tired and irritable. I took him home and with in 5 minutes of nursing he was out took a good nap and woke up happy. Plus I got to cuddle and hug on him after missing him from being at work. Times like that I am thankful I am still nursing. Even if the rest of my family thinks I am crazy.
    Did this for 9months with Kailey and Hailey
    who are now 8.

    weaned Dane somewhere around 3.5 no longer he likes to sleep with his sisters He's now 5

    Now I am , , My baby Cruz who is almost 6 months and my last baby

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sarahak View Post
    Setting limits when we are out in public was much easier than doing it at home for me. If I'm sitting, it seems he is on my lap pulling my shirt to help himself.
    My son is doing pretty well with signing instead of pulling up my shirt, but if I am sitting, he is right there! He is 22 months...
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    Gabbie 3/8/02 BF 15 months

    Rose 6/5/04 BF 18 months

    Will 10/6/09 BF 22 months and counting

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