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Thread: Do I need to start over? 4 week old

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    Default Do I need to start over? 4 week old

    Please help! This is lengthy but wanted to provide as much information as possible.
    My baby was born July 19th 9 lbs 6 oz 20 inches long. He is now 4 weeks old. We started breastfeeding in the hospital, but it took a little bit for both of us to get used to it. We had a few successful latches and you could hear him swallowing the collostrum. I could express a bit of collostrum as well out of my breast. We went home and I was solely giving him the breast and he was taking it and latches got better and we were getting used to it. Well, he dropped weight more than the Dr. would like because my milk had not come in yet (day 4 post partum). They wanted us to start to supplement with formula (Enfamil Newborn). We started using a syringe at the breast to start giving him this formula or my husband would use his finger to stimulate sucking. He gained weight and my milk came in on day 5. I started pumping right away and was able to pump between 1-2 ounces at a time (every 2 hours). He got his first bottle of formula at day 5 during church at his baptism (couldn’t breast feed at this time and had not pumped for this occasion). I kept giving him the breast, bottles of breast milk and bottles of formula during this time; all three. No pacifier at this time. He seemed to latch well at the breast, and not have confusion of nipples. At 2 weeks I decided that I did not want to give him anymore bottles and started to solely breastfeed him. I started taking Fenugreek to increase milk supply (I had breast implant surgery and I thought that I might have a low supply). Breastfeeding went really well, but at his 2 week appointment he started to get really fussy and appear to have stomach pains and arching, etc. Dr. said it was reflux and put him on ranitine/Zantax (very small dose). That weekend he was solely breastfed and did really well, seemed to be satisfied and did not have a bottle at all for like 3 days. He was still fussy and refluxing after eating (silent reflux) but we could get through a feeding, hold him up and them sleep. Then a couple days later he started to get more fussy and crying in pain from the reflux, he was not sleeping well during this time and it took a long time to get through a feeding at breast or bottle. Dr. increased the dose of ranitine, seemed to help the fussiness. I went off the Fenugreek because I read that it could cause some gassiness in babies. However, during this time he started to grunt, pull away and get really frustrated at the breast (painful for me). He would frequently unlatch and then scream that he wanted to keep eating. I didn’t appear to have any problems with my let down or milk supply the weekend before as we had really successful breastfeeding. I attributed this grunting and unlatching and problems around feedings to his reflux. We started giving him formula because it was so difficult and painful to breast feed him; we also gave him pumped breast milk but I was only able to pump about 1-2 oz a time. The increase in formula probably made the reflux worse or upset his stomach more. Dr. put him on a gentle formula, told me to keep trying with the breast and then supplement with the formula, change to smaller feedings 2 oz every 2 hours because he was eating upwards of 4 oz a time (every three hours). Well, we are still having troubles at the breast with him grunt, getting frustrated and pulling away and then crying that he wants more. Maybe he is confused with bottle and breast, but he does also struggle with some feedings at the bottle as well with some of the same behavior. I am thinking that I need to solely continue to breast feed him again as we did really well, but I am not sure that I can endure the pain and frustration and no sleep. I really want him solely breastfed though. However, because I was not breastfeeding him as much nor pumping I feel that my supply has gone down ( I am pumping now .5 to 1 oz a time now). I started taking Fenugreek again. Current situation is taking Fenugreek, offering him the breast at a feeding then giving him 2 oz of gentle formula because he appears hungry, not able to finish at breast. Also, when I am done breastfeeding him I am pumping after to try to increase my supply (getting about .5 oz from both breasts). I don’t know how I am going to breastfeed him when I go back to work in 2 months because I cannot keep up. I am thinking that I need to start over and just breastfeed solely but it is so frustrating. Any advise or tips?

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    You can do this!!! The fact that your son will take the breast is a great sign. And it's wonderful that you are able to pump some even after he is done nursing.

    I would be extremely hesitant to give him bottles at this point if you suspect he may be starting to have some nipple preference for the bottle. Have you looked into other alternatives if you feel you must supplement, perhaps an SNS or even spoon feeding? I don't have any experience with reflux or medications in newborns, but I remember my baby being extremely fussy/gassy for a long time. It seemed to work itself out after 6-8 weeks when she started to get the hang of breastfeeding better.

    How is his weight gain?

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    Default Re: Do I need to start over? 4 week old

    Baby latching at the breast is an excellent sign.
    What are the color/consistency of his poops? I ask because the gasiness, fussiness, arching, grunting kind of sounds like my DD because I had OALD/OS and also had reflux. Pumping 1-2oz at a time, every 2hrs is actually quite a bit.
    If low supply is a concern, eating oatmeal also helps. Make sure you are getting enough rest, eating and drinking enough Having baby at the breast as much as possible also helps stimulate milk production.
    If you do have oversupply, you could try blockfeeding (breast feeding baby a couple of times on the same breast before switching).
    It's definitely not to late to get breast feeding down.
    Good luck mama.
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