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Thread: hospital pump vs regular pump

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    Default hospital pump vs regular pump

    I've been told I should try using a hospital grade pump rather than my Madela (the double electric one in the tote). I called the hospital to check on it and the receptionist said that there really wasn't a big difference, the hospital grade just had a larger motor....

    so what's the deal? Is it really worth all that money (again) to rent one?

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    Default Re: hospital pump vs regular pump

    No offense, but why would you take a receptionist's word for it?

    I've used both, and there is a huge difference. I don't know the physics or mechanics of it, but it's true. It's faster, gets more milk out, and you can't even feel it. I swear I've looked down just to make sure milk is coming out Not that my regular pump hurts or anything, but it's kind of pinchy, you know? With the Symphony (which I'm able to use occasionally at work), I can barely feel it at all.
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    Default Re: hospital pump vs regular pump

    HUGE difference.

    The receptionist is WRONG. Call any IBCLC and she will tell you to get a hospital grade pump if you are EPing.

    I get at each session with a Symphony about an ounce or more than I do with any professional grade pump. If I'm pumping 6 times a day, that's 1.5 feedings! To me, that's worth the expense.
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