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Thread: "Heaven forbid" freezer stash?

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    Default "Heaven forbid" freezer stash?

    My LO is 5 months old, we're planning to do BLS, and I work from home and BF most of the time, with a bottle here and there when we're out and about and he's too distracted to eat.

    I pump to donate to a milk bank, and I'm also working on a personal freezer stash for times when we might need a bottle. In the back of my mind -- in that new hormonal-mama-bear-protective part -- I've been thinking of the personal frozen milk as a "Heaven Forbid" stash... like "Heaven forbid but what if I were suddenly gone or unable to BF my baby in some way... he could still have my milk for as long as possible." I'm realizing that I would probably have to get a new freezer if I want to really implement this idea.

    Do any of you do this? Am I being totally paranoid?

    Also, the Womanly Art of BF book indicates that the freezer life for BM is anywhere from 3-8 months in a separate-door freezer. Does anyone know what factors cause such a wide range of time?

    Thanks, genius mamas!

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    Default Re: "Heaven forbid" freezer stash?

    Personally, I only kept a couple of days worth of EBM in the freezer, and rotated it through (using older EBM). I personally figured NOT to plan for the "what if I get hit by a bus" scenario because I figured if that happened DH would have far bigger problems to deal with.

    In a freezer like the one attached to a fridge - there is a range of temp depending on where in the freezer the EBM is stored. Like in the door is not ideal - not as cold.
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    Default Re: "Heaven forbid" freezer stash?

    The further back in the freezer your milk is, the longer you can count on it. You can always give it a sniff test if you are unsure.

    If you want to create a large stash, you are going to want a deep freezer (0 degrees F). This will keep milk good for up to 12 mos. Since you aren't regularly using EBM, you don't want to worry about rotating your milk out @ the 4-6 month point (which is where I am w/ using EBM @ daycare for my 7 mos old).

    As far as should you do it, or are you being paranoid, well, I can see the appeal of it for sure. Personally, it was something we decided not to do (buy an extra freezer and continue pumping huge amounts of milk).
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    Default Re: "Heaven forbid" freezer stash?

    I have one...sort of. It's less a "heaven forbid" stash and more of a "pumping doesn't own me" stash. Storing (and rotating) triple digit ounces makes me feel less like a slave to the pump, because it means the sky wouldn't fall if I decided to quit. It also means I can pump wean a little sooner than I might feel comfortable with Lillian not having milk when I'm gone :-)
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    Default Re: "Heaven forbid" freezer stash?

    I have one. Mostly so I can quit the insanity of EPing when I choose to and yet give baby at least some mama milk for anywhere for 6-12 months, or as long as it lasts (depending on how much solids he's getting). But I don't think of it as the in case something happens to mom stash. It's just there.

    It has come at a pretty high cost. My deep freeze is full, full. Right now, I can't store anything more in it other than a pizza! And the day will come when I have to decide what to do about using it up. Some of it is from January.

    The other thing to think about...what do you do if the power goes out? We had to go buy an emergency gas powered generator to run ours when the power did go out That was $450.
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    Default Re: "Heaven forbid" freezer stash?

    I have one. In a separate freezer. I went back to work when she was 8 weeks old, but I knew when she was born that I was going to be starting a new job when my DD was about 8 months old, and that it had the potential for lengthy and frequent business trips. She's 9 months now. I think I have about a six week supply now and I rotate some every day-- she gets a bottle of frozen BM and a new bottle goes in the freezer every day. I still pump about 3 extra ounces every day, because what if I go on a 7 week trip? LOL. So it wasn't really a Heaven Forbid stash but more of a This is Reality stash.

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    Default Re: "Heaven forbid" freezer stash?

    Mine really isn't a heaven forbid stash either.. it's a just is stash.. I don't know how long I will be able to keep up with pumping at work (I can't really seeing it change from 2-3 sessions-- unless I change/lose job) I just have a lot of milk I really wish I would have looked into this site a little more with DS#1 because it would have solved a lot of my/his issues with my OALD and OS .... granted the more I pump the more I make...

    With DS#1 I stopped pumping when we were going to go on a camping trip-- didn't want to have the hassel of trying to keep it all clean! and of course where to store it-- I think by that point (6 months old) we were barely nursing due to work schedule... so I knew that I had a bunch in the freezer and it lasted quite a few months I'm screwed if the power stays out...

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    Default Re: "Heaven forbid" freezer stash?

    Hi, I was storing milk in the freezer when my daughter was born, because i was making so much. It was a lucky thing i did. When she was 4 weeks old i found out i had a rare bone cyst in my face and had to have surgery right away. I had enough milk saved up to get my DD through the 2 weeks that it took me to recover. That was my "Heaven Forbid" moment. You never know what or when it will happen. She is a happy Healthy 2 1/2 year old who is still nursing and we have number 2 on the way.

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