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    My four week old falls asleep while nursing especially at night. So he is up every hour. He eats just enough to fall asleep, but not to be full and go for more than an hour. Any help would be great. Totally exhausted. Thank you

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    Up every hour sounds pretty normal for a four week old. Have you tried nursing in a side laying posistion so you can rest while he eats? You could try tickling his chin as he eats to get him to eat more but at the same time you don't want him to eat too much and have an upset tummy. As he gets older he will sleep longer. He just has a really tiny stomache right now and probably needs the reassurance at night time. The world is a scary place to new babies!
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    with the PP. Co-sleeping saved my life that age!

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    my daughter is 2 weeks, we are up sometimes every 25 minutes, she falls asleep after about 10 minutes of feeds, glad to hear I'm not the only one! best of luck!

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