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    Hello. My baby is almost 4 weeks old, and we have had a new problem develop this past week. He is swallowing so much air while feeding that I am spending as much time burping him as I am feeding him. Usually about 4 minutes into a feeding he lets ago and I have to burp him and then he'll feed about 8-12 more minutes on that side and I'll have to burp him again before switching sides. Then he'll go about 4-5 minutes on the other side and let go because he needs to be burped. He'll go another 8-12 minutes on that side, and then he'll be done eating. At that point I usually have to spend a good bit of time getting all of the gas out of him. If I don't he'll spit up in his crib or wherever. Not only is this uncomfortable for him, but it is taking a large amount of my time. Every feeding/burping session is anywhere from 50-80 minutes. Any suggestions on how to keep him from swallowing so much air while feeding? Thanks in advance!

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    When the baby nurses, does he cough, choke, gag, splutter, or make a clicking/clucking sound? Does he unlatch frequently? If he unlatches, do you ever see milk stream or squirt from the breast? Are you frequently engorged, or do you often experience feelings of "fullness"? The reason I ask is that excessive air intake often stems from mom having a fast letdown of milk, and if you answered "yes" to any or many of the questions above, fast letdowns could provide an explanation for what you're seeing.

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    Thank you for the reply. I had thought that problem only occured when my milk came in. After your reply, I tried some things to slow the milk flow and sure enough, we had a much better feeding. The little guy and I are much happier after some peaceful feedings today!

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