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Thread: overactive letdown vs. overfeeding?

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    Question overactive letdown vs. overfeeding?

    My DD will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. Once my milk supply issues were corrected, we've been doing well with BFing. However, in the past week or so, she seems to go on and off my nipple 3-4 times on each side during feedings. It gets really messy because she's usually dripping milk from her mouth, which ends up on my bra and nursing pillow. I've spoken to my LC over the phone and she thinks it's an overactive letdown and recommended I lie/recline while feeding. I've been doing that, which helps somewhat, however, she still comes off my breast at times and milk is dripping during most feedings. Sometimes LO does this at the beginning of a feeding, but other times she'll do it after nursing for 10 minutes on a breast too. It can happen during any feeding of the day too.

    She's also gaining weight remarkably well--is it perhaps when she comes off the breast she's done feeding? How can I tell if she's already coming off my breast only 3-4 minutes into a feeding?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    hi there.

    one nice thing about bf is you cannot overfeed a baby my son pops off a lot lately, sometimes it is because of the fast flow and other times it is just what he is doing. if he doesnt want to nurse anymore he just doesnt take the breast. she will tell you if she doesnt want it.

    if you feel the milk is coming out too fast here is some info:

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