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Thread: Less Milk When Pumping

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    I have been off work for the summer for break & elected to nurse my daughter the entire time rather than giving her a bottle (she would have bottles when while I was at school after my maternity leave), therefore, I quit expressing milk. Now, that I am back to work, I have noticed that I am not getting as much milk as I did when I expressed before...she is almost 7 months now and nurses well most of the time, gaining weight slowly but steady, I am worried my milk supply is drying up or had it just adjusted to nursing only & will increase as I get back into pumping? I guess I just wonder is she getting enough milk when she nurses now.

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    Greetings Harpersmommy. Love the name Harper btw.
    your milk supply has adjusted to your LO's demand for milk.
    do you express while at work? do you express on the week-ends or the days you are not working?
    after a few days of increased expressing especially around the times of day you would normally be apart from your LO you milk supply will increase.
    Check the pump to make sure all the working parts are up to the task.
    you will know she is getting enough milk while she nurses by her satiated look, her vibrant lively personality, her wet and soiled diapers. you can always nurse her extra times at night and when ever she demands it.
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    pumps dont remove milk as efficiently as a baby so we cannot use the amount pumped as an indicator as to how much milk we produce.

    she is getting enough milk if she has wet/dirty diapers, weight gain... just like pp said

    if you need to pump more to have more to give her in bottles then there are a number of things you can do. if its just worries about your overall production, no worries mama

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    w/ PPs.

    There is a difference between milk production via pump and milk supply. You may need to do some extra pumping to "train" your body to respond to it again, but it shouldn't take long. Around this age, your pump output would likely have taken a bit of a dip anyway. Older infant, maybe doing so solids, AF getting ready to come back home, etc. Don't worry and just keep pumping!
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