So there was another thread in this forum about something like this: that uncomfortable feeling of being "nursed dry", and with me I also get an itchiness in my breast when I get this feeling. I heard the cause was the lack of "feel good" hormones; that toddler nursing doesn't produce those hormones anymore. Very uncomfortable. But there was another thread in the nursing while pregnant forum that used the term "breastfeeding agitation". Is this term only applicable to nursing while pregnant? Or can it mean the uncomfortable feeling you get when toddler nursing too? And what gives I am having this issue and my son is only 22 months old? I heard most people don't have this until their LO is at least two or three. It only occurs for me when he has either been nursing a long time or it is in the afternoon when my supply is low. In the morning and evening when I can still feel a letdown and hear him swallowing, I don't get it so much. It helps when I change sides, but he has an opinion about which side he wants now, so it provokes screaming when I don't give him the side he wants. I guess I just want to hear if anyone else has experienced this and if there is anything you can do about it?