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Thread: Nipple pain- shooting pains

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    This is my 2nd child and I did not have any issue breastfeeding my first for the first year. It was painful for the first couple of weeks but then there was no pain during feedings.

    W/ #2 (4 wks old) I am finding that my nipples are in A LOT of pain. I spoke to my obgyn and they treated me for a yeast infection, but the medication didn't help and I suspect that I never had a yeast problem since the baby did not have thrush and the meds didn't change anything.

    I notice that now my left nipple and breast in particular are in a lot of pain. Once the baby latches it doesn't hurt, but aftwards I have sharp shooting pains. It is mostly in the nipple but I do feel some pain in the breast as well. My right side hurts as well but not nearly as bad as the left.

    What could this be? I've had people look at the babies latch and it seems ok. Should I have a lactation consultant come back in to take another look?

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    I also had nipple pain with my second child. I had to air dry for a half hour and I could not tolerate anything touching my nipples. I attributed it to my fair skin although I think that its just an old wives tale.
    this website has some info on nipple pain . you can find it under the Resource tab on top.
    Pain can be independent from latch issues.
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    hi mama!

    check these out:

    the pain after nursing sounds like vasospams

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