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Thread: NIP after 12m?

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    Lilah would pat my chest, I think, before she started saying "nurse." I nursed her in public until she was weaned at a bit past 2, but "public" for me meant playground, campground, other people's houses. We don't go a lot of places, I guess.

    There is no too old in my opinion to nurse in public... in the sense that I don't care if someone else is doing it. For me, I would probably stop doing it if my child were receiving negative feedback because of it. We never reached that point.

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    We're struggling with this right now. Elizabeth is 26 months and will theoretically say that she wants milk, but if she's tired/overwhelmed she'll just stick her hand down my shirt, which I hate. DH keeps saying we need to wean her, especially when I'm getting touched out, but I want her to wean slowly. Sometimes asking if she wants food/drink will work, sometimes it'll escalate things and she'll cry and tell me no.

    I'm trying not to NIP mostly because she's turned into a monkey while nursing and there's no way I could nurse her publicly with any semblance of modesty.

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    like pp said, it's a personal decision. do what YOU are most comfortable with. if you're comfortable still NIP, do it! if you'd feel better stepping into a dressing room, or going to the car, etc.. then do that.

    i nip with dd until around 2, and at that point, i saw that i could easily distract her, and that she could just wait until we were back home or in the car. for the absolute meltdown times, i would just hug her to me, and pull my shirt up/down, and let people look if they wanted to.
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    My 19 mo still nip, but only if he's really persistent. Sometimes he just needs to nurse, and those are usually the times that he's overwhelmed/lots of people around. he points to my chest and says 'ma muck' and when he's really needing it, it gets desperate pretty fast and he starts grabbing. So i just don't let it get to that point if i can avoid it -- but like this weekend i was at a wedding with a dress on that was kind of hard to get my boob out and i had to excuse myself from a conversation so i could go sit down with him --lots of grabbing and grunting. At this point, when we're in public, i do try to be discreet about it when it's possible. But I don't personally think any age is too old to NIP -- we can't really dictate when our babies need to nurse. At least in my case, my LO is actually more likely to ask for milk in public because it's a comfort thing to him. I do hope, however, that happens less as he gets older because it's just not as easy to find a place comfortable to nurse a three foot tall 32 pound toddler
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