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Thread: Help-replacing feedings? 7 mo, no bottle

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    Default Help-replacing feedings? 7 mo, no bottle

    Hello everyone, My apologies if there is something similar to this elsewhere I haven't time to read all of the posts ;)

    My daughter is 7 1/2 mos. Very bright and very alert and aware. Purely breastfed but now eats solids 2x's a day very well and voluntarily. This is not a question about whether she should be weaned. She is self weaning, refusing the breast when offered. She will drink a little and then use her hand to push away. She still eats well at night but isn't waking up for it as often and does not fall asleep feeding rather takes herself off when she is finished and then falls asleep on the breast itself. She does still nurse a few times during the day.

    My question regards how to supplement for her lack of breastfeeding. She has plenty of "wet pants" so I am not worried about dehydration. Her bm's are normal. I just wonder if babies get "thirsty" the way adults and children do? She will not drink from a bottle unless she absolutely has to (she seems to know) and she plays with a sippy cup. She likes the sippy okay but not reliable. Strangely (or not?) she likes to drink water out of my cup or my water bottle or a little baby cup that was my husbands.

    Since she seems to be weaning herself fairly young (I loved my bf experience but I am also okay with her doing this, I am not going to force anything) I wonder how to get more breast milk (or water or cow's milk?) into her strong willed system? ;) I did read a little bit about putting milk in her food. I want her to get all the iron etc. she needs from the breast milk but I'd like her to learn to drink "normally" too vs always putting it in solid food.

    Any thoughts?
    Thank you all, blessings

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    Default Re: Help-replacing feedings? 7 mo, no bo

    Weaning is VERY rare under 1.5 years, however it's very normal for babies to be so concentrated on all other development that it seems as if they've lost interest in nursing, the key for me was constant offering, nursing before solids and a ton of night nursing. Here is a great link.
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    Default Re: Help-replacing feedings? 7 mo, no bo

    Some babies do not like to nurse when certain teeth are coming in. The pressure of suckling seems to hurt them. That may be why she latches on and then pushes you away.
    That being said, it took a couple of months for my babies to become good at drinking out of a sippy cup and I had to try different brands with different types of spouts before I found one they seemed to like.
    Good luck.
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