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Thread: Breast feeding pain post frenectomy

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    My little boy is 3 weeks old today and after 2.5 weeks of excruciating breastfeeding, my lactation consultant suggested he be checked for tongue tie by a pediatric dentist. We went the next day, determined that he was tongue tied, and the dentist performed the procedure using lasers the same day. At first I thought I noticed some relief, but it's still extremely painful when he latches on. Occasionally I get a few pain free moments, but most of the time it still really hurts. My question is whether anyone can give me any insight into how long it will take for the pain to resolve now that he's had the procedure? My nipples are quite cracked and sore, so I'm sure they'll need some healing time as well - although I don't know how long that will take either.

    Thank you!

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    Was your los tongue tie a lower frenulum tie. Was his tongue attached too much? If so: Did they give you any advice on how to train your lo to stick his tongue out? some moms find that putting a finger in their los mouth, letting them start to suck on it and then gently applying a bit of pressure while pulling their finger out will help their lo to extend his tongue over the outline while nursing.

    I know some moms on here do have experience with the upper frenulum being tied.
    My lo had his lower frenulum tied and it did take a couple if weeks before nursing was comfortable.
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    Thank you for the response -- he did have a lower frenulum tie and an upper lip tie as well. They didn't give us the advise for having him stick his tongue out, but I like your idea and have been trying it! I also had one feeding session yesterday that was not too painful, which gives me hope that improvement is on the horizon.

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