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Thread: 6 week old won't eat at night?

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    Default 6 week old won't eat at night?

    My DD is 6 weeks old and I am having trouble waking her to feed at night. She will nurse right around 7 (at which point she goes through a fussy period, cries and refuses the breast) last night I was able to get her to nurse a little around 10 and usually I get her up at midnight when I go to bed and nurse her one more time. We set an alarm so that she doesn't go more than 4 hours without feeding, but she usually wakes up right before it goes off, so that hasn't been a problem. However, if she is actually asleep, there is no waking her. We've tried undressing, wet washcloth, etc. She'll stir a bit and fuss, but that is it. Wild horses could not wake her. (her dad sleeps like the dead as well. Perhaps its genetic?)
    Last night I was able to get her to nurse in her sleep for about 4 minutes, but that is a challenge as well, and usually results in a shallow latch. Anyway, after those 4 minutes she was dead to the world again and would not get up and eat until 5:30 this morning (I tried every hour, and ended up pumping because I was uncomfortable).
    She seems content, is gaining well (at her appt yesterday she was 11lbs 13.5oz and 24 inches! @ birth she was 9lbs 7oz and 21 inches) and has PLENTY of diapers during the day, but much fewer at night. Is this within the range of normal?

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    Default Re: 6 week old won't eat at night?

    I would say that is normal. And enjoy it for now because there will be a time you want her to sleep but she won't. I wouldn't worry about your supply at night. If she does start getting up at night your body will tell you to make more and will adjust accordingly. Try to enjoy the extra sleep and don't worry. My little guy has, 3 months old, has been getting up only about twice at night since about 6 weeks. I just enjoy the sleep because I know from experience with my older two it won't always be this way.

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    Default Re: 6 week old won't eat at night?

    totally agree with PP-- let him go-- he will wake when hungry

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    Default Re: 6 week old won't eat at night?

    Well within the range of normal, especially if your baby is nursing a good amount during the day. with the previous poster: enjoy it while it lasts, and keep your fingers crossed that it will!!
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    She has regained and surpassed her birth weight. As long as she keeps on having plenty of wet and dirty diapers, and weight gain is on track, it is fine to let her sleep and let you know when she is ready to eat again. Stop setting the midnight alarm and get some extra rest yourself! Her sleep patterns could change again to a more frequent eating pattern in the future.

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