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Thread: clingy lately

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    First time on here, and thank God for this place! For the last few days, my 10 day old has been really fussy and won't settle down unless falling asleep on the nipple, and staying in my arms. He just started this, and I can't set him down for a few minutes before he starts crying! He's usually fine sleeping by himself. Is this a temp thing, or will I spoil him like this?

    Also, his feedings have increased to about every 1.5 hrs. Is it too early to go through a growth spurt? We did have issues about weight gain early on. Maybe he's still trying to catch up...

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    No, it isn't too early for a growth spurt. Actually, 10 days is prime time for one. Try to just relax and follow your baby's cues. If he needs to be held, that's what he needs. You won't spoil him. Enjoy this time cuddling with your little one!

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    I got one of the over the shoulder sling carriers, my lo snuggles right in and loves it. It is a life saver when she does the don't put me down thing. And I can still play with my 18 month old or cook dinner or laundry. I got mine at baby's r us for about $20 it's by infantino and it keeps her warm while the weather is cooling off so we can go to my 9 y/o's football games without worrying about her getting cold. Just a suggestion that may help.

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    Like the PP, babywearing is a great way to hold baby and still do stuff handsfree (there is a link on my signature that can tell you how to make your own wrap and use it, from newborn to pre-schooler).
    About the spoiling the baby, here is my thought on it:
    Fruit can spoil, Veggies can spoil, Meat can spoil, etc....Babies cannot spoil!!! He's been with you exclusivly for 9 months without being put down....he just wants his mommy. Enjoy your new son and CONGRATS!!!!

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