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Thread: work clothes--what do you wear?

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    Thanks, everyone for your advice and ideas!! It helped me figure out a few more outfits, and I bought some Shout wipes. So far they've worked wonders on some spit-up on my office chair from my son's last visit.

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    Just a secret from someone who used to work at several different dry cleaning chains, when the stain is tough, lots dry cleaners use a washing machine just like the one most of us have (not with silk or any kind of hair sweaters though). I have lots of dry clean only clothes and they all go in the washer and dryer with everything else. Granted maybe 3 or 4 pieces didn't come out all that great but I have been doing this forever and still wear my dry clean only fav pants from high school (6 yrs ago) that get washed every week.

    I have found strechy material shirts in a size too big wook great for pumping without revealing new weird body shapes. I just go to my local thrift/resale store and bought a bunch so my wardrobe would expand I could go two weeks without wearing the same thing.
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    I am so cheap... I am a Salvation Army girl! I got some awesome blazers (designer names too). I wear blazers with jeans all the time... and if something gets on my shirt under during pumping, I just put my blazer of it anyways.

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