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Thread: Length of Feed - Need affirmation please

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    Default Length of Feed - Need affirmation please

    Hi. My 11 week old nurses VERY quickly and only on one side. I'm talking, it's sometimes less than 5 minutes. I will offer and offer, but he politely turns his head away.

    He's pooping at least 2x a day (most days - sometimes less, sometimes more) and it's the basic yellow, seedy poop. He pees A LOT.

    All is ok, right? He's thriving, growing, happy - although sometimes moderately gassy.

    Just looking for some affirmation if possible.

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    Default Re: Length of Feed - Need affirmation pl

    Sounds good to me! The length of a feeding varies a lot from baby to baby, especially in the newborn period. As long as diaper output is good and nursing feels good, there's no reason to worry about unusually short or unusually long feedings. It sounds like you probably have a very abundant supply, which would explain why your baby only requires one breast at a feeding, why he feeds so quickly (when a mom has a ton of milk, it tends to come out very fast), and why your baby is sometimes a bit gassy (fast letdowns of milk can mean baby gulps in a lot of air, and oversupply can sometimes lead to the baby consuming a lot of lactose-rich foremilk, which can cause gassiness). You might want to try feeding in a more reclined position. Gravity can slow milk flow, making feedings a little less challenging for the baby, and potentially leading to less air intake.

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    Default Re: Length of Feed - Need affirmation pl

    My ds1 took about 30-45 minutes to eat as a newborn. It was really hard for me when ds2 came along and was done in around 7 minutes. I had to remind myself that his output was fine so he was eating enough. It sounds like things are fine with your lo.
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    My first baby was like that too. After a couple of months he started eating really quickly and only on one side at a time. He was the fattest, happiest, healthiest baby I've ever seen though. I wouldn't worry at all if you're seeing all the right signs like you say you are. It worked just fine for us. After having 3 more kids, I can look back and say this eating pattern was probably because I was feeding him so often - like every hour and a half all the way until he was 6 months old. He didn't need to eat very much at a time when he was eating that often. I'm sure once he was 2 months old or so, he probably could have gone longer between feedings if I had wanted him to, but he was happy and I was happy and of my four he definitely loved me the most - maybe because he was never away from me for long. Enjoy that little one, these are precious times!!

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    Default Re: Length of Feed - Need affirmation pl

    If you have OALD, then yes, totally normal to feed a baby in 5 minutes or less
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