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Thread: Coughing after feedings

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    Default Coughing after feedings

    My DS is 6.5 weeks old and for the past week he has been coughing after feeds just after he burps almost like choking or gagging and some other weird noise and he sometimes does it in his sleep. I took him to the ped on monday and he basically ignored what I was saying and told me I should consider buying a pacifier and I looked at him and said I don't need one he just needs his mom no differant then DD we survived without one and we formula fed her and we all made it through the crying stage. No one is sick in our family and we haven't really left the house in 6 weeks anyways. Also he seems to be very gassy and I know its nearly impossible for a ebf baby to get constipated, but all he seems to be having are racing stripe poops. Aside from that he is gaining weight well as he's up 3lbs 1oz from his birth weight as of Monday. Needless to say I'm on the hunt for a new ped cus I'm not impressed with this one!

    thanks for your help
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    I share with you a disappointment with the lack of basic breastfeeding knowledge exhibited by our pediatrician.
    2 of my LO's were mucous factories and no matter what I did or did not do they spat and coughed and grumbled until the mucous came up and out.
    you're right, breastfed babies do not get constipated b/c breastmilk is high in water content. but it does take time for all babies to learn how to use their sphincter muscles so be ready for a poo-explosion coming your way.
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    Sounds normal to me for the coughing. Could be reflux, but it might just be nothing.

    The poop is totally normal. BF babies are so efficient at using every last bit that there isn't a whole lot left to come out. But he'll surprise you with a big one at some point!

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