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Thread: Maintain expressed milk supply

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    My baby is one month old now and I am getting 6 oz each pump session every 6 hrs. I have more than enough supply right now to freeze. Is it possible to maintain same milk supply for rest of the year only pumping exclusively every 6 hours only? Has this work for anyone ?

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    You may need to adjust your supply for growth spurts and increasing needs of your baby. If you notice yourself dipping into your freezer stash, you will need to add a session back. Your supply will probably dip when your period comes back.

    Check out the pumping forum - there is an EPing subforum.

    Not to be nosy or pushy, but would you mind sharing w/ us why you are EPing? Is there something we can do to help you get your baby back to the breast? If you have posted about this in another thread, feel free to ignore me
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    Possible...but not likely. There are some moms 4 times a day works for, but at 1 month old, you are probably still experiencing the typical post-baby high milk supply. Even EPing, that may go away, and you need to be ready for that. At 1 month, I was producing over 70 oz a day, and now it's more like 30-40, depending on the day.

    At 1 month, you should still be pumping every 2-3 hours. Backing down before 12 weeks can impact your supply long-term. While you are making enough for now, it might not be OK in a couple months when baby is taking more like 30 to 36 oz in 24 hours. Spend the time NOW to build a good supply that you won't have to worry about later, and later, you can spread it out and still make that amount; I'm pumping 5 times a day now, at 7 months. You need to shoot for a total of 120 minutes out of every 24 hours to maintain supply. So if you are pumping 4 times a day, you need to be spending at least 30 minutes per session. Ideally, one of those sessions is in the middle of the night too.

    I would second the suggestion to BF if you can. EPing is a TON of work compared to BFing. BTDT. EPing never gets easier. BFing will.

    ETA: went back and found your other posts. If you haven't met with an IBCLC, please do so -- even if you choose to not try to BF, you will get good advice from them on how to EP. Otherwise, we do have an EP forum here, and there's a very good pumping chit-chat thread with a lot of good information. Most mothers here BF. There's a few of us EPing for medical reasons.
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