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    i have relactated and am now working to build my supply (currently at one ounce per day) but im taking 30mg of dom x3 a day plus 2 mls each of fenugreek and more milk plus x3 a day..so im wondering if breast milk is about supply and demand why do i need to keep taking all this to keep my supply building? how do i know when its safe to wean off of it without hurting my increase?

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    Breastfeeding is about supply and demand, but it's also about hormones, and the medications can help get those hormones up so that your supply goes up more quickly (when you wean, the hormones which were present when your baby was born and help your milk come in start to fade from your body as they are no longer "needed" - so when you relactate the medications can help stimulate your body to make more of the good hormones). From what you're saying, I wouldn't wean off until you are closer to reaching your goals. That is, if your goal is exclusive breastfeeding, wean when you've hit that point. Depending on your body, you may not be able to relactate to EBF, but of course every drop is good. So if you find that part time is as good as it's going to get, then, after some time, you can start weaning off and see if your supply drops. I definitely wouldn't wean off the medication now.

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    Excellent advice from JoMo. Relactating is a two step process. Restarting milk production is the first step. Increasing your milk supply to your goal level, whether that means all or just part of your baby's diet, is the second step. Supplements and drugs will help make the first step happen, and will make the second step happen more rapidly.

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