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    I went in 2 days ago and had the mirena (iud) and at the same time I spoke with my physician about treatments for post partum depression but didn't feel comfortable taking zoloft as this was the only drug he was willing to prescribe since I am nursing. I asked for other options and he suggested therapy (which is all good but I have 3 lil ones and needs something to help now) or hormone therapy ie. estrogen shot along with a b6/b12 complex shot for energy. He mentioned that there was a 30 to 40% chance that milk supply would go down but since I had an established flow (exclusivly nursing and pumping an extra 6-8 oz a day) he didn't think it would affect me that much. So I made the decision to proceed with the estrogen shot....and now almost 48 hrs after I am hardly producing anything! Every feeding she's sucking me dry and when I pump I'm only getting .5 an ounce out of one and almost an ounce out of the other. I started taking fenugreek, blessed thistle, and alfalfa yesterday afternoon to help and I'm pumping after each feeding for 10 minutes or more. I emotionally feel worse as now I feel like a horrible mother and am dealing with guilt of making the wrong choice.

    Has anyone else ever delt with this and if so how did you deal. DD is only 10 weeks old and since my breasts aren't as full she seems to not want to nurse from me. So far she has enough wet diapers and poo but I can tell she is starting to get fussy as I have not supplemented with reserve and I think she's getting hungry

    PLEASE help!

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    Welcome! I am so sorry you're experiencing this combination of problems. Let go of the guilt- PPD is serious, you deserve to feel better, and you cannot be blamed for taking the shot given the odds quoted to you by the doc. (FWIW, I think the doc seriously underestimated the likelihood of negative impacts to your supply, but that's another issue for another time.)

    It can be difficult to separate low supply from normal supply based solely on how the baby acts. Babies often get fussy when their mom's supply goes down a bit, but lower supply isn't the same as low supply, IYKWIM. At this point, I would suggest feeding as much as possible and doing some very careful diaper counts. As long as the baby is wetting enough diapers, I would not supplement. Good diaper output = good milk input. Keep a record of poops, too- although any babies slow down their poop frequency to as little as one poop/week, if your baby continues to poop you know she's getting enough to eat. And, FTR, 1.5 oz via pump after nursing is very normal output for a nursing mom. That may seem surprising if you were getting more previously, but it really is fine.

    Okay, on to increasing supply. Now might be a very good time to get rid of the Mirena. Many moms have little impact from Mirena, but some moms notice that Mirena makes a big dent in their supply. Since you can't do anything about the estrogen shot but wait until it wears off, you could at least take out the Mirena and see if that allows your supply to bounce back. I also think that if you have PPD, taking out the Mirena is probably a good idea: between 5 and 10% of women experience "depressed mood" as a side effect of Mirena (see the product insert here: http://www.mirena-us.com/safety/inde...9497&WT.srch=1).

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