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Thread: 4 month weight concerns

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    Hi, my baby girl is 4.5 months and weighed 10.14 at her last appointment. This puts her in the 2nd percentile for her weight. I am a SAHM and feed her every 3 hours durning the day(about 5 times) and 2-3 times at night. She doesn't feed very long 10 minutes max. She weighed 6.3 at birth and was 19.5 inches. At her 1 month Appt she was 7.3, 2 month 8.15, 3 month 9.10 and her 4 month 10.14, 23.5 inches and 16.5 head circumference. I have been pumping after her first feeding of the day and supplementing with it throughout the day. I have been doing this since her 3 month appointment per doctors instructions. She was following her curve on the growth charts and has been tapering off for the last few months. She is meeting her milestones and is a happy baby. She is also extremely active and loves to move. I just want to make sure that I am doing everything right and I want her to be healthy. I want to breastfeed her until she is a year, but if she doesn't start to gain more I'm afraid I'll have to give her formula. Please advise.

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    When you say you feed her every 3 hours, is this a sort of schedule you have for her?
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    Is there a way to offer more often? Breastmilk actually contains more calories per oz than formula. The reason that a lot of docs push formula is because it is so easy to measure a baby's intake when feeding via bottle.

    Please don't panic. A baby who is fed on demand and is meeting milestones and continuing to grow is a baby who is probably getting enough to eat, even if they aren't huge babies. There are healthy babies in all percentiles- statistically speaking, there are just as many healthy babies in the 1st percentile as there are in the 99th. A leveling off of growth often happens at around this age, as a baby gets more mobile and expends calories on action that used to get packed on as fat. When I took my then-5 month old in for her appointment, the doctor turned the computer screen towards me and showed me my daughter's growth curve. Between 3 and 5 months, she declined from the 100th percentile to the 80th- which is a big drop, when you think about it! My doc wasn't concerned at all- she said "Look, she's doing that 'leaning out' thing that breastfed babies do at this age."

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