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Thread: Is this too harsh for a 3 month old?

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    Default Is this too harsh for a 3 month old?

    I'm returning to work this Thursday full time. My 3.5 mo daughter will not take a bottle AT ALL! She will be staying at the nursery where I work, and I feel very blessed that my principal is going to allow my to go nurse her during the times that I had arranged for pumping.

    The problem is that my daughter eats every 2 hours, but my pumping times are every 3 hours. Will this be too difficult for her? Should I leave an ounce or formula for the nursery teachers to give her in case she gets hungry? Or will she adapt fairly quick?

    I feel silly because she is my third child to breastfeed, but she is the first one that would not take a bottle. I keep imagining her crying for the entire three hours that i will be gone!

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    Default Re: Is this too harsh for a 3 month old?

    I think she will be okay. It might take a little while to adjust. DS2 wouldn't take a bottle and I couldn't come home to feed him, and he would only take a few ounces over the course of an 8 hour work day. He did make up for it at night, and you might find your DD does the same thing. I think babies always find a way to make up for it one way or another, so her nightwakings might increase a bit, but perhaps not too much since you still will be feeding her a good bit during the day.

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    Default Re: Is this too harsh for a 3 month old?

    I'd leave a bottle of EBM. She might refuse it the first couple days, sometimes it just takes some kids longer to give into the bottle. I'm sure she'll adapt, but I think it would be easier if it was your milk, which is familiar, versus formula which is foreign. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Is this too harsh for a 3 month old?

    I would think that leaving formula wouldn't help because your lo wont take bottles.

    She will need to adjust but will be fine when she does. You sound worried about returning to work. Have you seen the answer sheets on this site? http://www.llli.org/nb/nbworking.html They might help you. Also this site sells some LLL recognized books about what to expect when returning to work.
    You and your LO will be fine!!!
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