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Thread: Painful experience at 8 months??

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    Default Painful experience at 8 months??

    Hello! I'm currently nursing my 8 month old and in the last several weeks it has become a painful experience (not as bad as the early days!) ... he is either sucking on the end of the nipple (probably the remnants of a poor latch that I never corrected) and pulling his head back and / or pinching my breast with his free hand while he nurses. This happens more often during day feeds when he seems to be not as interested in getting down to business. The result is sore breasts / nipples after I feed him... and I feel like I'm not enjoying the experience as much as I can (very different from my first son!).

    Second, how many jars of food, oatmeal/ rice cereal are you all giving your 8 month old? I know it varies depending on the baby, but I wanted to check... My little guy is not so little - approx 19 - 20 pounds (he was 9' 10 oz at birth).

    Help?? THANK YOU!

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    Default Re: Painful experience at 8 months??

    It does sound like a latch problem due to distracted nursing. My little guy is easily distracted too. One way I handle it is by nursing him in his bedroom with the door closed, and I also started wearing a necklace that gets his attention. I've also figured out that if he's really hungry, he'll nurse eventually.

    As far as food, we're only doing a little. He does 1 jar (sometimes just a 1/2 jar) of fruit at breakfast, a jar of veggie at lunch, and then 1/2 a jar of veggie, 1/2 of fruit at dinner. Gavyn is 8 1/2 months, and around 20 pounds (he was 8lbs 10oz at birth). Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: Painful experience at 8 months??

    Sometimes my LO likes to practice her pincer grip on my nipple while we are nursing. I've found out it is extremely painful to have anything in the mouth besides the nipple. When she does this, I very gently just pull her hand away from the nipple. She may have her hand on my breast, but not the nipple. Just like dealing with a biter, the key is being consistent in your response. Don't freak out, just be gentle and consistent. It also helps me to be seated somewhere where there is something interesting to look at where she doesn't have to pull her head back to see. She may also like to have a toy, or as pp mentioned, a necklace to play with.

    What I found around 7-8 months was DD wasn't interested in nursing quite as often, though I was still offering about every two hours. When she wasn't interested she would pull her head around, bite, scratch at my breast, etc. For awhile, I offered less often and she was happy to nurse when I did offer. When she get a little older and the novelty of playing with toys, chasing the cats, etc. sort of wore off, she calmed down and now nurses more peacefully (most of the time.)

    I follow my baby's lead when it comes to how much she eats. Until age one, her main nutrition source is breastmilk and anything else she gets is just a bonus. Knowing that helps me relax at mealtime instead of freaking out that half (well, more like 90%) of her food is on the floor. However much your little guy eats is probably fine as long as he is still nursing sufficiently.

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