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Thread: 4 mo. old has MRSA - is BF'ing a problem

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    Default 4 mo. old has MRSA - is BF'ing a problem

    My baby just tested positive for MRSA. It was a little pimple on his chin. He is already responding to antibiotics and doing well - Dr's are acting like everything is okay and telling me not to worry - that they see this a lot - but he is just a little guy, so I do worry.

    Since he has this and its on his chin, we have obviously been in close contact. His chin is always touching my breasts and when he finishes eating, he has milk everywhere, all over his chin that needs to be wiped, etc.

    So, I guess I am wondering if anyone else has been in this situation. I have not been tested, I am not showing any symptoms, so do I need to worry? Do I need to worry that I might have MRSA in my breastmilk and that is what caused it?

    Coincidentally, my sister just had a baby in June and she got terrible mastitis and tested positive for MRSA as well. I have not seen her since December so it does just seem coincidental to me. Anyways, she did her round of antibiotics and they never asked her to stop nursing her baby and her baby has not showed any signs. This is kinda the reverse situation... my baby has it and I don't (I don't think). But is there a chance I am making my baby sick?

    I am obviously still nursing and would HATE to have to stop. He is my 3rd baby and the other two were nursed just over a year.

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    Default Re: 4 mo. old has MRSA - is BF'ing a pro

    I think you're fine. MRSA is becoming alot more common. As long as you're awear of it you should be ok. Go and get tested anyways. There is a cleaner you can use to try to get rid of it (or thats what the drs told me) but it doesn't seem to pose much of a problem.

    It is very unlikely that you are making your baby sick. It is possible that your baby can pass it to you, but unless your dr is worried I would continue as you are. You are already making the best choice for your little one.

    and congrats on your new baby!
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    Default Re: 4 mo. old has MRSA - is BF'ing a pro

    Go get tested. According to what I have read, MRSA is frequently a "family problem" where several members of a household are carrying the bacteria and passing it back and forth. Even pets can carry it! Whatever the result is, you should not have to stop breastfeeding.

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