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Thread: How long do I need to pump for?

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    Question How long do I need to pump for?

    My LO has a dairy allergy, so introducing cows milk isn't really an option now that he's nearly a year. He nurses maybe 5-6 times with me a day and has 10oz at the sitters, so it seems to be a major staple in his diet. He BLW and eats well three meals a day and a varied diet.

    Almond milk is an option but I guess I would want to offer my milk in a cup at daycare for as long as a Dr would recommend a kid has whole milk. I just feel more comfortable that way. What age is that? After that I'd be okay with him only having water and then just nursing with me on demand after work and at night.

    I guess I'm sort of tired of pumping, but I don't want to say that if I have another year or more needed, if that's the case then I just need more motivation.

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    i dont know how your ped feels about almond milk but mine prefers breast milk because it is much higher in the calories an under 2yr old needs. almond milk has 60 cals per 8oz. i just had this talk with our ped because my 3yr old did the soy and it really affected her bowels so i was thinking almond would be the way to go. this is the first time my ped actually told me to bf lol! he has suggested formula 2 times already to treat my lo acid reflux but i think he was very impressed by how well we are able to control it with my diet he said till 2yrs old

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