Ok so I was wondering what you ladies have done in the past with your little ones

My son will be 11 months on the 29th, He eats whatever I am having generally and some pureed gerber foods. Most days he will have a few bites of what I am having and some of those gerber crunchies.

HE seems to be doing fine and is about 19 pounds.. But he looks soooo chuncky.

SO is it normal that He doesnt eat much "grown up foods or baby foods" and nurses mostly when I am at home?

Also his pee can be very strong smelling. Especially first thing in the morning.
Also we switched to cloth diapers, This is when we started noticing it. "especially if you dont change his diaper say every hour to two? Even if he hadnt recently nursed or any thing.

Is this to far inbetween changes..alot of times he feels dry "checking the insert"

So is baby getting enough? And Also He started only drinking two bottles a day a few weeks ago. He takes now only 10 oz of breast milk while I am away for about 9 hours..Is this normal and Should we give him water at all???

I know it says that babys under 6months dont need anything except breastmilk

I do give him some water in a sippy when we go to church since he just started staying in the nursery to play??