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Thread: Best mohtering tool: Breast feeding

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    Hello...Haven't been around for over a month.DD and i were traveling for 8 weeks and thank goodness for breastfeeding...We took off and landed 10 times and travelled to three different countries and transiting in 3 other countries...We were on a plane for over 52 hours and in transit for 25 hours and they only thing i was sure was that I had food for my baby all the time, could comfort and sooth her within seconds and didn't need anythig else to keep her happy. Thank god i stuck to breast feedinf for the past 11 months..In some parts of africa we couldn't have access to food she could eat all the time but she was always full on mama's milk. Whenever she was unsure of where we were or unsettled she would gently pat the nene and ask for bambam. We would be stuck in traffic for 3 hours at a time with soaring temperatures but she was always happy and i truly believed that was because she was always satisfied, her thirst always quenched and her little heart always comforted by her mama's milk....Thank you ladies for yoru advice, support and encouragements.
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    That is beautiful!
    Can't believe I've been and a full-time SAHM to Elena (5/2010) for over 2 yrs!
    Mami de mi preciosa Elenita
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    Thanks so much for sharing your story! Love it, and am so glad to have read it. You put a smile on my face tonight.
    Mom to amazing twins! Both nursed happily until 3y6m.

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    Great story!
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