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Thread: reoccuring breast infections

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    This is the second breast infection that I have had and my baby is only 3 and a half weeks old! I feel just awful (flu symptoms and a really really really tender hot spot on my breast) and I don't know what is going on...for other reasons I have been making it a point to nurse her just on one side (so that she empties the breast as much as possible) and so I am not sure how this could happen. Does anyone have any idea why I would get another infection...and maybe some preventitive measures I could take to avoid this again?

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    I had mastitis three times in the first three months of my LO's life, and the first two were fairly close together. Mastitis is most common in the early weeks and months. Is the second infection in the same breast? Sometimes the antibiotic does not completely kill the bacteria, and the infection returns. This is what my doc figured happened with me, and gave me a different antibiotic the second time. There are things you can do to try to prevent future infections. First is just try to keep yourself healthy in general--try to get enough sleep (yeah, I know, who am I kidding? ), and eat well. The second is to try to avoid constricting the breasts. I stopped wearing a bra to bed and tried to go without one for a few months while I was at home, only putting one on if I was leaving the house. I went through a lot of shirts from leaking milk everywhere, but eventually that passed. When you do wear a bra make sure that it fits well and is not too tight (I even wore them a little loose sometimes). You may want to avoid underwires all together. You'll want to avoid getting engorged (which it sounds like you are already doing this). Also, if you have cracked nipples that can be an entry point for germs. I hope you feel better soon!

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