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Thread: Fussy evening feed - night waking/gas

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    Default Fussy evening feed - night waking/gas

    I am having trouble with my evening (pre-bedtime) feeds with my almost 5 monthold. She was nursing and sleeping GREAT for the first 3 months, then started to become very fussy with nursing. I took her to the doctors and he diagnosed her with "colic" and got bloodwork as she wasn't gaining weight. We started her on supplements of formula (about once per day) in addition to nursing and started feeding in the middle of the night again (she was sleeping through the night from 2-3 months). She is now "back on the charts" as far as weight and is nursing better during the day, however the evening feeds are challenging. She will suck vigorously for a few minutes then turn her head and pull off. If I take her off to burp she screams at the top of her lungs, but calms after I burp her. Sometimes she'll go back to the same side, other times she continues with her head-turning and squirming. (I wish I could describe it better).

    She goes to sleep fine but then is up almost every hour during the night squirming and writhing and rolling. We can usually get some "toots" out and I thought maybe she's so gassy because of her fussy feedings. Last night, for example, she went to sleep at 8pm (I put her down awake with a pacifier), up at 10pm, 12am, 2:15am, 3am (when I couldn't settle her so I nursed her), 5:45am, and up for the day at 7am. This has been going on for months and I am truly exhausted as well as frustrated.

    I've tried gas drops and gripe water, swaddling, raising the head of the bed, white noise...

    During the day I nurse every 3 hours & she takes a short morning & short evening nap with a long (3 hour) nap in the afternoon.

    I'd so appreciate your advice/suggestions.

    *I nursed my other 2 children until they were a year old and NEVER had problems like this.

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    Default Re: Fussy evening feed - night waking/ga

    What time of day does she get her bottle of formula? Is it possible it's messing with her tummy? Are you pumping when you give her the formula? You just want to make sure you don't start down the slippery slope where giving formula leads to less nursing, leads to lower supply, leads to less nursing, etc. It's terrific that her weight is up, though many BF babies do slow in their weight gain around the middle of the first year. Just because she's not gaining doesn't necessarily mean there is a problem (I'm saying this knowing very little about your daughter, of course.) It's also important to make sure your doc is using the proper chart for breastfed babies (the WHO charts.) Did the bloodwork show anything?

    I'm wondering of she may be starting to teethe. Teething pain is often worse at night (I think because there are fewer distractions.) Maybe that is what's waking her up.

    Do you ever wear your baby? This can be helpful in calming fussy babies and is helpful in preventing gas.

    ETA: I just re-read my post and realize it sounds like an interrogation. Sorry.

    SAHM-WAHM to lovely Lizzie, born at home 9/14/2010

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    Default Re: Fussy evening feed - night waking/ga

    My little guy is having a lot of the same issues. He has a bit of colic and what I think is silent reflux. For the squirming at night I have made a homemade Tucker Sling and this has helped him sleep and help with his gas issues. I sometimes put him in a Moby wrap which puts him to sleep within minutes if he's bounced around a bit in it. As for the crying at the breast we sometimes are successful with using a soother to calm him down when he starts crying. I walk around with him to distract him from his pain then try to feed him again after he seems calm. This is probably related to his reflux so this may/may not work for you. Best of luck.

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    Default Re: Fussy evening feed - night waking/ga

    have you tried a the baby massage? here is the link for it just in case. my son does not have colic but he loves this massage and it gets the gas out.

    SAHM of Baby Dominic, we

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    Default Re: Fussy evening feed - night waking/ga

    Thanks for the suggestions...

    To answer some of the questions... she has not had formula in the past 5 days. I also thought it might be messing with her belly so I stopped it completely. And, yes, I was pumping when she got the bottles.

    The bloodwork did show a slightly high potassium level as well as calcium but nothing that was cause for any action to be taken. (they were very close to "within normal limits" for infants).

    She is starting to drool a lot so teething is a possibility (although my other 2 kids didn't get teeth until 8 months or so).

    I carry her a lot but haven't "worn" her. I was given a Moby wrap so perhaps I'll try that.

    I did try some "anti gas" massage, but do have a question... when is the best time to do it? Often if she has gas she is so upset that it's challenging to do the massage. I wonder if there is a "gas prevention" type of massage to do prior to putting her to bed for the night. Thanks for the link.

    Hope that info helps and thanks again for your input ladies!

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