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Thread: Back to work - what would you do?

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    Default Re: Back to work - what would you do?

    You can do it!

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    First I would try to get more milk. For the longest time (up to about 7 months) I was pumping on the weekends in the am just to have the extra milk. I'd do everything you can to keep up and stash a bit more for peace of mind.
    But worst case, for me I'd use the stash to get as close to 6 months as I could, then if she seems ready I'd start solids before doing formula. My oldest was a serious nurser/eater and was ready for solids at 4.5 months even though I really wanted to wait until 6 months.

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    Just wanted to chime in here - kudos to you for your committment to pumping while at work! You ARE doing a great job. I agree with everything the other previous posters have recommended, especially using a pacifier - give that a try. If you end up short on milk, you will do whatever you think is best for you and your family. Whether that is an extra pumping session somewhere or formula, it will be the best you can do and that is all that matters. It can be super-challening being a full-time working Mom so first and foremost, try to be kind and gentle with yourself. Keep up the good work .
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    it will be OK. Pump, and pump using breast compressions and for 5 minutes after you stop seeing drops of milk, because that signals your body to make more milk. And don't dip into the freezer stash unless it's an emergency.

    Try some herbs -- sometimes, a little bit of something will help boost your supply to help you add to the freezer stash. I can definitely tell the days I eat oatmeal for breakfast, I have more the next day or two.

    Try renting a hospital grade pump for a month or two. I get at least an ounce or two more per session that I pump (I have to EP for a clefty baby) and over the course of a day, that adds up to a whole feeding for him. But if I pump with a professional grade pump, I get a little less, and that cushion isn't there that day.

    And if you have to, you get up early or you get up in the middle of the night and pump. I'd do that before ever, ever using any formula.

    It can take a week or more to see the effects from extra pumping. It's not like nursing, where you see the effects pretty quickly. Pumping is way less efficient, so it takes longer to garner the results of your extra efforts.

    And nurse as much as you can when you are with baby. That will really boost your supply too. Cosleeping helps too

    You can do this. Take a deep breath and just focus on tomorrow!
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    When you're at home, pump on the other breast while your baby is nursing. This helped me to stash more milk while I was working instead of having to pump in between feedings when I just wanted to relax. Especially since both of your breast let down anyway when your baby nurses.

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    Thank you so much to everyone who has given me hope! We did some co-sleeping last night, which was fantastic, as she nursed 3 (or 4? I lost count...) times rather than just the one time she normally wakes up. I consider this a good thing - if I can reverse cycle her so she eats more when we're together, that can only help.

    I'm going to try oatmeal, and drink even more water than ususal. I appreciate everyone's suggestions and support.

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    I missed this thread yesterday, but it looks like you got a lot of great advice already.

    I want to second the PP who said to cut out that evening weekend bottle you DH is giving her. There are a ton of ways he can help. When we just had the one, it would frequently go down like this: baby cries, I nurse, baby is immediately handed off to dad all happy and full for super-fun play time

    If he really wants to give her a bottle, you must pump during that time. Every time your baby eats, your body needs to think your baby is eating. So, for instance, when you do evenings out in the future, you need to pump if not while you are gone, then straight after you get home (after nursing, if applicable). Remember, there are two things that pumping does: 1) gets milk out of your breasts so your baby can drink it 2) tell your breasts that your baby is drinking milk so that they will make more.
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