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Thread: I'm tired but don't want to quit

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    Sorry to hear you are having a hard time. My DD just got out of this stage. It started around 8 months and she just turned 11 months and went from waking every hour wanting to nurse to sleeping 3-4 hour stretches. Thank frickin goodness!

    Avoid the CIO boosters! That's all people were telling us to do.

    In the months that she woke up that frequently my DD cut 4 teeth, really started eating solids well self feeding, started crawling, and is now standing and trying to walk. There is lots going on and your LO will grow out of it.

    We made it through with co-sleeping, DH was not happy, but he'd rather have a happy wife!

    Mama to DD born September 7, 2010, and DS born October 28, 2012 and Wife to DH July 5, 2008

    We love and love

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    Thanks, everyone! We brought her in last night after she had a fever yesterday and found out she had an ear infection. Poor baby! At least that explains some of the sleeplessness the last couple of nights. Carmen-Noel...I will have to try that.

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