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Thread: 3.5month old not feeding???

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    Default 3.5month old not feeding???

    DS is 3.5mths old and for the past 2 days has barely fed. He is hungry and starts to feed but only does 5-10 sucks before coming off. He then goes back on again and does another 5-10 sucks and comes off again. This goes on and on and eventually gets worse to the point where he has maybe 2 sucks and comes off.

    He is happy when he comes off and is smiling away, he doesn’t seem to be bothered by anything.

    He was feeding every 3.5-4hrs prior to this but has resorted back to 3hrly due to him not taking enough in.

    The concerning part is that his urine output has dropped and while he is still having 5ish wet nappies a day they are certainly not wet wet and would more be considered damp.

    He has a cough, but isn’t overly bothered by it. Isn’t crying more than usual, has no temp or other signs of illness and is generally happy. He does have silent reflux but this is well under control and he doesn’t seem in any distress by all of this.

    It is like this from the first feed in the morning, and while the night feed isn’t perfect it is better than what the days are.

    The only thing that has changed is his day sleeps, but then I figure he isn’t full enough to sleep.

    I haven’t eaten anything new in the last few days, nor have I started any new medications.

    Also he has only ever had a 3 bottles (of expressed milk) and that was a few weeks ago when I had to have a day away from him, and it never seemed to phase him at the time switching between bottle and breast.

    I am worried that my supply (which has never been an issue-if anything I have had an oversupply) is going to drop, cause I am certainly already feeling the effects of the reduced intake after 2 days.

    Why is he all of a sudden feeding this way?? How can I encourage him to take a full decent feed??? What will happen to my supply???

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    Default Re: 3.5month old not feeding???

    Oh, that sounds tough! I think I would take your LO in to the doctor, and make sure he's not ill. An ear infection or other sickness could be making him too uncomfortable to nurse. Or he could need the dosage on his reflux meds changed.

    As long as he continues to have adequate diaper output, your supply is fine. Don't worry about pumping unless his diaper output drops below normal.

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