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Thread: We've got a tooth!

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    Default We've got a tooth!

    And baby-girl is breaking my heart. She is normally so happy, smiles for everyone and plays until she drops. Now though, she is crying all.day.long. She's not happy at all. This is her first tooth, and she's almost 8 months, so I know she's got more coming soon.

    I haven't had many problems yet with her latch, but I've had to re-latch her a few times when the edges of that dagger-tooth got uncomfortable. And I think the worst part is her diaper rash. We'd finally gotten it under control by switching back to prefolds, and today it got worse out of no-where, and I'm pretty sure it's from the excess drool.

    Mostly, I just need hugs. I feel like crying myself seeing her having such a rough time. But if anyone has any good advice, I'd love some.
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    Default Re: We've got a tooth!

    Aw Momma sending some your way. I am right there with my 5 1/2 month old now. He's been teething for some time but not unhappy about it. Drools like a champ and chews anything he gets his hands on, but it didn't seem to bother him any. He is usually such a happy little man and such a flirt!

    Yesterday he was super fussy and nothing seemed to help him.He woke up this morning talking a bit but by the time I got into his room (he's one door over from ours) he was screaming and took a while to calm down. It looks like his 2 bottom teeth will be coming in right after another if not at the same time and I can't imagine what that feels like for him.

    I have heard good things about amber teething necklaces but havent ordered any to try yet. That may be a purchase I make today!
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