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Thread: What to feed a baby who's not nursing?

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    Default What to feed a baby who's not nursing?

    My 11 month old son is currently on a nursing strike (going on a week now... ) and he only drinks water from a cup and receives a bit of EBM from a glass with a straw. I'm giving him all that I can pump for him, which admittedly doesn't feel like much! Maybe 10 oz. a day. He is not sick, but is striking for an emotional reason so it is taking time to work through.

    My question is this: what should I be trying to feed him right now to ensure that his nutritional needs are being met? We do not wish to start cow's milk, other "milks" (rice, soy, etc.) or formula at this time as I am still working on getting him back to the breast. I am asking specifically about solids here, not drinks.

    Does anyone have any advice? I'm hoping this will not be a long-term strike (it feels like ages already...) and that we can go back to normal soon. But in the interim, I would like to be feeding him to keep him in prime shape for working up the energy to nurse again!
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    Default Re: What to feed a baby who's not nursin

    Have you tried mixing your milk into some solids? Like sweet potatoes or something? Bananas? You could mush them up with your milk. will he eat your milk frozen in a mesh feeder?

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    Default Re: What to feed a baby who's not nursin

    have you tried pumping or hand expressing more? That might put your mind at ease that hes getting what he needs to thrive.
    and more fruits and veggies couldn't hurt. Over lots of whole foods.
    at 11 months he could eat any healthy table foods too what ever your fixing for supper should be fine.

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