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Thread: Question about burping

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    Default Question about burping

    This is long winded but please read and let me know..

    My baby is 4 weeks old and spits up a lot. Based on the recommendations here I have started keeping her upright for 30 minutes after a feed.

    I have a doula helping me at home and she was great until 2 weeks ago but something changed and in the past 2 weeks my baby seems to dislike her. Especially at nights when I need help most my LO refuses to sit quiet with her. She sleeps as soon as my husband or I take over. Last night was very rough for me and I left my doula with strict instructions to burp my LO and hold her upright over her shoulder for 30 mins. I went away for about 10 mins to grab a snack. When I got back I saw that she had my baby lying face down over a pillow. My babies head was bobbing up and down and she had thrown up her entire feed over the pillow. When I questioned her she said that this position helps if the food has gone into her nose during spitting up. Is this correct? I have been a bit suspicious since then and dont give my baby to her unsupervised.

    I may let go of her and ask y mom to come help me. However I really want to know if anyone has heard of this position to burp a baby.

    Thank you.

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    I have always burped my babies over my hip- I lie on my side and drape the baby over my hip, so that the baby's midsection is higher than either her bottom or her head. It's not an unheard-of position.

    However, if your mommy radar is going off, there's a reason for it. Do you have a sling where you can wear baby upright after feedings? It may be that your baby just doesn't want to be handed off to a stranger.

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    Default Re: Question about burping

    yup maybe you could ask that she does more" house" things and leaves the baby care to you..

    how long is she staying? maybe its time to let her go?

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    Default Re: Question about burping

    It sounds like your doula is undermining your requests. Thats gotta make you feel frustrated and maybe alittle worried about how accurate your requests are. Every mom worries about doing the right thing.
    If you decide to let your doula go, there are alot of moms on this forum that can help you deal with the problems and stress of a young baby. Lots of us BTDT moms have little tricks (like the sling or hip burping) that make life easier. You can do it.

    Its very important to remember that YOU are the best mom this baby is going to have. You deserve respect.
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