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Thread: Adjustment in supply, how many oz?

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    Default Adjustment in supply, how many oz?

    Not sure if this goes in the pumping area or not...but another question from me :-)

    I just went back to work this week and started pumping regularly everyday for 3 sessions during the work day. I get between 2 and 4 ounces at each session.
    Baby is not eating much at daycare yet. She fussily takes 3-4 bottles but only eats about 1-1 1/2 oz right now. She's getting better every day though (the first day she had 2 bottles).

    So, I'm sure these changes are causing supply changes for me but I am oversupplied for most of the day it seems. I always have OALD and oversupply but it's gotten quite a bit worse.

    * I would love to pump out the oversupply but am not really stashing milk as I make what I need each day and we don't have a good area for frozen storage. Since I don't need the extra milk, is there a good way to relieve my oversupply? Just wait it out? Hand express? I suspect I shouldn't pump.

    * Would shortening my day time pump sessions help? It just seems like this pumping during the day has made my supply shoot up during the day/night to an uncomfortable state almost all the time.

    * How much should my baby eat during the day, she's 3 months and 10 1/2 pounds. I'm not certain how many oz she eats when I breast feed? Is it about what I am pumping? 2oz per breast (I block feed so she only eats one breast per feeding).

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    Default Re: Adjustment in supply, how many oz?

    i just saw this. she is most likely not eating a lot because dc is a big change for her. she may increase her volume or start nursing more in the evenings.

    not sure what is best to reduce the oversupply, shortening sessions steadily and even spacing them a bit more (slowly) makes sense.

    bf babies generally eat 1-1.5 oz per hr away from mom. i would recommend storing some though, just in case its needed.

    good luck

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    Default Re: Adjustment in supply, how many oz?

    I had similar issues when I went back to work, as I was pumping right after her morning feeding, then three times at the office and giving her 4 3.5 oz bottles while away. For a while I shot up in supply (when I nursed, I nursed only one side, but when I pumped, I pumped both), but after a few weeks it dropped again.

    When I was pumping more than I needed, I froze the extra. Now at six months I'm glad I did, because I'm pumping less (still 4 x a day, just less volume), and she's eating 4 5 oz bottles.

    I know you said freezer room is scarce, but I'm so glad I did it because now I don't stress if I pump only enough for 3 bottles instead of 4.

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