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Thread: Pumping in a bathroom?

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    i love pumping in my car. i know that may sound odd but i feel like its my own space.

    i agree with weighing your options. I really want to be able to pump when i want and for how long i need. i feel like if i were really pushy and made a scene about it then i wouldn't have the freedom i have right now. when i travel i do push the issue a bit, it depends on the situation. if you are not comfortable then find another option.

    women have been pumping in the bathroom at my work for years. i even did with my first. for whatever reason it really bothered me to have to do it this time and i realized there was a room that was used very infrequently. so i spoke with people who use that room (its a recording studio) and asked if i could pump. i said if they needed it i would find something else for that session. they were fine with it and our use of the room has not conflicted yet.

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    Sharing a room among 3 people for pumping is easy thing. In my old office we had one room per building and almost 10people shared the room for pumping. Maybe create a google calendar which everyone can access.3 times of 15minutes pumping will be around 2hours15minutes a day.I don't see any issue.

    Good Luck

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    There are bathrooms that I would prefer pumping in over some offices, if you know what I mean. I guess it depends on the bathroom, the other available spaces, and how workable-with the other mamas are about sharing space. You can always site the law if you need to, but it just depends on how comfortable you are with it all.
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    My office is very small with less than 15 people total. The only place I can pump is in the women's room since there are no empty offices. It has a lock and the other girl pulled a chair in so I guess I'll be doing the same when I'm in the office. I have a feeling with my schedule I'll be pumping a lot in the car.
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    As a pp'er pointed out, if you're in the US and there's more than 50 (I think) employees, they are required to provide a place that's not a bathroom for you to pump. But I'm guessing that if they have one place that all 3 of you can use, they're meeting the requirement. If it's a big enough space for all 3 of you, you might try making it work. Maybe you'd have mom's to visit with while pumping?
    I pumped in a bathroom with my 1st for months, but hated it! Often stinky and a couple of knocks on the door. Even had someone ask what I was doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*durhamgrrl View Post
    While my preference was not to share I was shocked at how opposed the other women were to it. I wanted to be able to hang a curtain or something, but they were very uncomfortable with the whole idea. I think I was the only one NIPing too
    Hmmmm...that seems sad to me.
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