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    Okay my daughter is 2weeks old now and she eats every couple hours but seems to be emptying my breast in about 7-10 mins is that okay...then after she is done she unlatches and i try and offer her the breast again and she refuses...then if i give her a pacifier she is fine...when she is feeding i let her unlatch and when i try and give her the breast again she refuses it and unlatches! is it okay if she has the pacifier everyone tells me not to give her one?

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    As long as her output of wet and poopy diapers is normal and her weight gain is on track, there's no reason to be concerned about rapid feedings. As babies grow, they become more efficient feeders, and by the time most babies are a few months old they can get a full feeding in 5-10 minutes at the breast.

    Offering a paci is a very personal choice. At this point, use of a paci is probably not going to impact breastfeeding, since the major danger with early use of a paci is that it will screw up your baby's latch. The only thing you might want to think about is how you feel about using a paci in the long term. Some moms prefer to limit paci use because they don't want their kids getting hooked on them, and it can be easier to never use a paci than to try to break a kid's habit.

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    well in the hospital they gave it to her right away and she always wants it since...but im afraid that she is still hungry but she refuses the breast so im guessing she is done! she is still going to the bathroom so she is eating enough to void and use the restroom!

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    Congrats on the baby!
    From personal experience, I agree with mommal about the difficulties of breaking the pacifier habit in children. No one told my mom she was supposed to take the pacifier away while I was still a baby until I already wasn't one, and I was very resistant. I have an early memory of her extreme embarrassment of buying her 3 or 4 year old a pacifier at the grocery store (she may have tried to get me to pretend that I had a baby sibling at home) so if you see yourself feeling that way once your little sweetie is a certain age or stage (imagine her asking for it or walking to her room and bringing it out when there's company), you may want to phase it out before she gets there. My parents did have success with their it's-just-for-sleeping-time rule, but they only managed to get rid of it when it got lost and they refused to buy a replacement, and you can't count on that kind of luck.

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    Short feedings are perfectly normal for some mamas and babies. As for the pacifier, if it isn't affecting her latch and it makes her happy don't worry about it. If she's hungry the pacifier isn't going to satisfy her permanently.
    As for the other concerns, she will out grow it eventually. No one walks the halls of school with a pacifier. We recently found pictures of my oldest at 6 with a pacifier, that she started using again when her brother was born. She was so embarrassed! She definitely doesn't need a paci, her teeth are fine and she's a well adjusted young lady at 12.

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