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Thread: When can you (or did YOU) go on Demand?

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    Default When can you (or did YOU) go on Demand?

    When can you (or when did you personally) switch from watching the clock for feedings to feeding on demand.

    I was nursing a LOT (18 times a day) but as soon as my son's weight gain looked good I was anxious to ease off. He is almost 4 weeks old.

    2 days ago I popped in for another weight check and it looked like a 13 ounce gain in 6 days time so I am really wanting to back off -- in fact the past couple of nights I have let baby sleep for a 6-7 hour stretch. And during the day I let him sleep a little longer so I can squeeze in a shower or meal for myself, do household chores, etc.

    Should I keep counting the hours and make sure we nurse 12 times a day? Until when?


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    Default Re: When can you (or did YOU) go on Dema

    We always nursed on demand. But it was mutual. Sometimes my breasts needed to nurse, so I offered, and sometimes my son needed to nurse, so he asked. I think I would only nurse by rote if it became clear that my baby was not asking frequently enough to thrive. If my baby were healthy and thriving, I would absolutely just relax into demand feeding.

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    Default Re: When can you (or did YOU) go on Dema

    I feed on demand from birth. If baby is not gaining or a sleepy baby I do demand plus where i wake him to eat. At four weeks I think with good weight gain you can feed on demand. How long is he sleeping during the night? If he sleeps longer than 5 hours I personally would still do a dream feed at night, both for his intake and for your supply and comfort.
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    Default Re: When can you (or did YOU) go on Dema

    I think the best thing is to nurse on demand from the very beginning. Most newborns are interested in nursing very frequently (as much as the 18x a day, like you were doing) so feeding on demand will usually get them enough milk. How long will your LO go between feedings do you think if you watch him and not the clock? If it's 2-3 hours, that should be fine. As long as he's doing that through the day, I would say letting him sleep for that nice, long stretch at night should be fine. And I'm sure it's definitely good for you!

    If his weight gain falters or his poops and pees slow down, you may want to offer more often, but in general watch the baby, not the clock.

    BTW, I still offer to nurse my 10 mo about every 2 hours through the day. She loves it and I don't feel it's too often even though she's far from being a newborn. You will work out a rhythm that works for you.

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    Default Re: When can you (or did YOU) go on Dema

    with the PPs. My DS was really sleepy in the beginning, so I was having to force him to nurse a lot. At night, I set my alarm to wake him every 2.5 hours. I stopped doing that once he started to gain weight. Now, he still wants to eat every 2 hours in the day and every 2-6 at night (all depends!).
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    Default Re: When can you (or did YOU) go on Dema

    Once our baby stopped being so sleepy I went on demand. I think it's okay after they gain some weight and once they stop sleeping through the feedings(?) I still set the alarm at night for 4 hours after we go to bed as I'm a little paranoid still but she always wakes me by that time anyways.

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    Default Re: When can you (or did YOU) go on Dema

    Mine was really sleepy in the beginning so I woke her up every 2-3 hours during the day and whenever I woke up feeling full and miserable at night. But around the 2 week mark she started waking herself up to eat and I stopped watching the clock all together.

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    Default Re: When can you (or did YOU) go on Dema

    I always fed on demand. There is no rule that say you MUST feed 12 times a day. We just want you to be PREPARED TO. Sometimes it's as little as 8 times in a 24hour period. I think the point is don't try to schedule or make your baby WAIT to eat. But I would also NEVER wake a sleeping baby. If your baby sleeps for long period of time and is gaining fine, I say let him sleep.

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    Smile Re: When can you (or did YOU) go on Dema

    I have been offering on demand since hour one. My LO is almost 8 weeks old and he now sleeps almost 7 hours at night (crazy because my first son didn't do that until he was 2)! I have decided to just let him sleep because he makes up for it during the day. I do have to feed him when he wakes though and then pump after and get about 4 oz so I know I'm really full from that huge stretch.
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    Default Re: When can you (or did YOU) go on Dema

    I offer the breast every 2 hours during the day until I see healthy weight gain, usually our first doctors visit at 2 weeks, and then I feed on demand. All of mine have been quite sleepy and have had jaundice. I feed on demand at night from day one.

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