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Thread: Trembling lips -what does that mean?

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    Default Trembling lips -what does that mean?

    We have all heard of "trembling with fear" but trembling lips? While LO is still at the breast, sometimes his lips would tremble / quiver. What does that mean? What is he doing?

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    Default Re: Trembling lips -what does that mean?

    Sometimes babies who are comfort sucking do a fluttery suck... It's very rapid and very shallow. Often as they are falling asleep. Does this sound like a possibility?

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    Default Re: Trembling lips -what does that mean?

    Also, the fluttering lips or quick jaw movement is an involuntary muscle movement. But my baby does it a lot when he's first falling asleep at the breast. My first baby did the same, and she's perfectly fine now! (6.5 years later!)
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    Default Re: Trembling lips -what does that mean?

    mine does it when he gets picked up

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