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Thread: Spitting up a lot

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    My baby is now 4 weeks old. She goes through evenings and nights of nursing non-stop. When I take her off my breast after an hour or 1.5 hours of feeding to burp her she gets upset and starts sucking on her hands when Im trying to burp her she brings up all the milk ( seems like a bottle ful). Then she wants to feed again and cries if I dont put her back. She seems to be really hungry and her cries are almost gasps get louder. Her voice(noises, sounds) also sounds affected by throwing up so much. I can hear bad rattling after such an episode.

    Should I feed her if she vomits / spits up like this. Is this because I am overfeeding her or is it GERD? She does not do it after every feed. Only after the ones where she nurses non-stop for 3-5 hours.

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    Yes, you should definitely feed her. You cannot overfeed a breastfed baby, and if this is GERD, the calcium-rich milk will neutralize the stomach acid that is in her esophagus.

    What you describe- constant feeding in the afternoon/evening- sounds very, very normal for a breastfed baby, particularly such a young one. If she were mine, I'd just keep on with what you're already doing, but try to burp her a little more often.

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    Just keep on going. This is all normal baby behavior, and honestly, unless she is losing weight or the vomiting is super forceful, totally harmless and normal. And the amount spit up seems like way more than it really is You can test this. Take a syring and put like 15 ml of water in it. Pour that amount out on the counter and look at how much area it covers. Then put that same amount in a cup...that's 1 tablespoon. That's all.
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