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Thread: healing for a bite on breast?

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    Default healing for a bite on breast?

    I know I saw a post about stopping a baby from biting, but I'm wondering what else I can do to "heal" my poor breast after DS (7 months old) bit me hard. twice. about 3 days ago, it seems to be feeling worse each day.

    There was no blood, but the vein under the nipple is swollen (actually the whole breast feels swollen even after nursing) and so so tender, even to just cloth, and warm. I've been putting Lansinoh cream on it and cool "soothie" nursing aloe pad-things. Any other ideas?

    We've had NO issues nursing, even at the beginning (the opposite of the excrushiating pain w/ DD) so this pain is surprising and takes my breath away when we nurse now. Thankfully he hasn't bit again, I think I unintentionally scared him when I yelled after being bit

    Anything else I can do?

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    Default Re: healing for a bite on breast?

    Ouch! Poor mama. What you describe sounds like a very bad plugged duct, perhaps even the beginnings of mastitis. This can happen after trauma to the breast. This link covers What to do about it: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/mastitis.html

    Basically, you want to empty the affected breast as thoroughy and as often as possible, either by baby, hand, pump, or a combination of all three, and stay alert for symptoms of full-blown mastitis (aches, pains, flu-like feelings, red patches lrstreaks on the skin of the breast).

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    Default Re: healing for a bite on breast?

    Both of my older children bit me when I had mastitus (I've had more times than I can count anymore). It may have been because the milk wasn't coming fast enough due to the inflammation from the infection. The pain was excruciating combined with the pain of the infection. The best thing to do it to start treating the mastitus as soon as you feel the first twinge of pain.

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