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Thread: Sore breast?

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    Oops. Just saw that you replied to my weaning post.
    Jennifer (30) DH (38)
    DD 10/9/07 Abigail for 15 months and survived 6mos of at work.
    DS Ethan 5/14/10 for almost 15mos and at school(teacher) and entire school year...10 months.
    Taking a break from until my next baby...TBA.

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    Yeah, I mentioned I was jealous. On some days, I'd like to be done and have my body back. On other days, I really want to continue as long as he'll let me. I'm glad I can return to school without having to pump, and I'm also thrilled that we'll have the bonding time that breastfeeding brings when we're together following the school day. I don't think we'll continue much past October. I'm thinking that around that time, he'll be drinking more cow's milk and won't want much to do with me. Right now I feel like I'm struggling to get 3 feedings in. The only one that is consistently good is the 4:00 a.m. feeding, and, honestly, that's the one I've always wanted to get rid of. Too early for me. Good luck going back to school!

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