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Thread: Feeding problems?

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    Default Feeding problems?

    Hi. New here.

    My baby is 5 weeks and I've been breastfeeding him since birth. He's gained 3.5 pounds since birth and his doctor has deemed him healthy.

    First, some backgroundI had touble getting a latch when he was born so the lc at the hospital advised me to use a nipple shield and I've been using it since. She said I had flat nipples and thought my baby could be tongue-tied but a doctor evaluated him and said he wasn't.
    Baby feeds about every two hours for about 30 minutes to an hour. I feed him on demand. He wets many diapers and up until now has pooped at every feed.

    My first question is that suddenly he's hardly pooping at all. He didn't poop at all last night and only pooped 3 times today, two of which were substantial, but they used to all be substantial. He's still wetting a lot of diapers though. Is this change normal?

    My other question is that the last couple days he's been fussing a lot on my right boob. He breaks off and cries and even whines while he's nursing. He nurses normally on the left boob but he's always been a bit fussy while nursing. Now it's more dramatic. I've read this could be an overactive letdown but I've never thought I had that problem. I don't really feel a letdown anymore and my breasts are softer now and rarely feel full. I never really leaked. Because of his good weight gain and numerous diapers I have never doubted my supply, but now I'm worried my supply is dropping and he's fussing because I'm not producing enough milk anymore.

    I want to blame the shield but I have not had much success trying to latch without it.

    Sorry for the long post. Help please?

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    Default Re: Feeding problems?

    Lauralena78, you have come to the right place.
    i agree with you, your LO is not fussing at your breasts due to overactive let down.
    many mothers find that the nipple shield slows down milk production.
    many mothers hand massage their breasts and areolas in order to stimulate the receptors that the nipple shield covers.
    You may benefit from learning how to hand express your milk. Your LO might nurse better if he is rewarded with a letdown in the beginning of a feed.
    it is not abnormal for babies to poop less per day but then they shower you with one massive poo days later.

    I understand your concern over a possible decrease of milk production. Hand expressing can counter-act the decrease.
    if you have access to an electric pump you may want to use that as an aide to stimulate your production. But hand expressing will allow your nipples to receive stimulation.
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    Thank you so much for your reply. I do have an electric pump and have only recently been pumping once at night because I'm going back to work at the end of August and I'm trying to build up a store. I'll try the hand expressing when I feed him though to see if that helps. He slept a long stretch last night so this morning my breasts were fuller and he nursed without fussing so that adds to my suspicion that he was frustrated with how slow the milk was coming.

    Thanks again

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    My problem with fussing at the breast hasn't really gone away. There are good days when I think we've solved it. But then it happens again. Talked with pediatrician who can't find anything wrong. I thought it was thrush or reflux but no. Gas seems like the simplest issue but drops, massage, bicycle legs, burping doesn't seem to solve it. Sometimes he fussed in the middle of a feed, sometimes in the beginning. Sometimes all is going well, he's smiling and cooing and then it's crying again. Often I end the feed because I can't get him to eat and I'm so frustrated and in tears. I know he hasn't eaten much but I don't know what to do. If he just wanted to stop eating, then why does he continue to cry when I set him down and then sometimes he will eat if I come back and try again ten minutes later? It doesn't matter if my boobs are full or soft, if there's fore milk or not. I try different holds to see if he's uncomfortable. Undressing him if I think he's hot. It happens in the morning, afternoon or evening. Other parts of the day he's smiling and happy.
    There was a time when feeding him was pleasant and relaxing. I loved it. Now I'm frustrated and I have thoughts of quitting all together. Money is tight. We'll be starting daycare soon and it's very expensive. Hubby won't let me call a lactation specialist. He thinks if we just do bottles everything will be fine. He doesn't understand how important it is to be to be able to breastfeed him successfully. I want this solved before Joe goes to daycare, else I think my breastfeeding days are over.

    I've read articles on this site and on kellymom and dr.sears looking for answers but I can't find a solution.

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    I just want to mention briefly that if you switch to bottles, you'll either be buying formula or exclusively pumping to fill them. Formula is expensive. Exclusively pumping is also expensive (surprisingly so). A Lactation Consultant does cost money, but fixing the problem will be a savings down the road.

    Can you find a local LLL group or leader to help you?
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    Default Re: Feeding problems?

    Have you had any success removing the shield? And what happens if you switch sides when he starts to get fussy?

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    Default Re: Feeding problems?

    Is there any history of allergies/intolerance of certain foods or substances in your or your husbands family? If not, could it have something to do with the nipple shield (if you are still using it)? I didn't have money for a lactation consultant either but the hospital i gave birth at let me come back and see their LC's for free and of course la leche league is free. Is there a local chapter? If not you can call their national help line and get great advice. I am rooting for you to succeed

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